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Red Anthurium Living Vase

Red Anthurium Living Vase

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Anthurium Living Vase

Anthurium andreanum : ‘Flamingo Plant’, Tailflower, Flamingo Flower, Laceleaf


A semi-epiphytic, evergreen, clumping plant with wonderful glossy green heart-shaped leaves. The foliage keeps its colour all year round providing great colour contrast in home décor. Anthurium produces palette-shaped flowers throughout the year if kept indoors or in greenhouses. If grown outdoors the plant can remain predominately green unless grown in a tropical climate.

Anthurium is best grown indoors or in conservatories as it will not tolerate cold Winters. Position in a bright, warm spot in the house, however, not directly in front of a window and it could lead to scorched foliage. Make sure to change the water every 3-4 weeks and ensure the foliage is not submerged in water. Fertilise with a couple of drops of indoor plant fertiliser every 2-3 weeks from late Spring to late Summer.


Position: Indoors – Indirect Light

Height: 30-40cm

Width: 30cm

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