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Blossom By Daisy

Medium Blossom

Medium Blossom

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*Images are for Reference Only. Refer our Instagram  & Facebook for BLOSSOM OF THE DAY*

Every day we make and create seasonal blossoms arrangement for you. Our blossoms are wrapped in recyclable signature Kraft paper. Our flowers are sourced, from local farmers and we believe in promoting local business.

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A mixed flower bunch typically refers to a bouquet or arrangement that includes a variety of different flowers. These arrangements are often designed to be visually appealing and can include flowers of various colors, shapes, and sizes. The specific flowers in a mixed bunch can vary based on the season, occasion, and personal preferences. Here are some common flowers that might be included in a mixed flower bunch:

  1. Roses: Available in various colors, roses are a classic and versatile choice for mixed bouquets.

  2. Lilies: With their elegant appearance, lilies come in different varieties, such as Asiatic lilies or Oriental lilies.

  3. Daisies: Daisies add a cheerful and whimsical touch to arrangements.

  4. Tulips: These spring flowers come in a range of colors and are known for their simple yet beautiful appearance.

  5. Sunflowers: Large and vibrant, sunflowers can bring a touch of warmth and brightness to a bouquet.

  6. Carnations: Carnations come in numerous colors and have a long-lasting quality.

  7. Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily): These flowers have multiple blooms on each stem and are available in various hues.

  8. Chrysanthemums: With their wide variety, chrysanthemums add texture and color to bouquets.

  9. Freesias: Freesias are fragrant flowers that come in various colors.

  10. Snapdragons: Tall and colorful, snapdragons add height and a vertical element to arrangements.

The beauty of a mixed flower bunch lies in the combination of different flowers, creating a diverse and visually interesting display. If you have specific preferences or a particular occasion in mind, you can customize the mix accordingly.

Colors and styles may vary, but each blossom will be made with lots of love and care.

 Note: This is our Medium blossom. This image is for size reference only.

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