About Us

Blossom by Daisy is not just another online florist in Melbourne. It may look like one from the outside! But, its roots are linked deeply with the local Australian community. 

Daisy started it on the idea that all gifting products should be sourced locally and in an environment friendly way. And, also to make gifting easy and fast – that’s why the same day delivery in Melbourne. We open seven days a week Monday to Sunday (7am -2pm).

 Daisy worked in the floral industry and helped hundreds of people express their emotions on special occasions. However, every time she picked up material to create a blossom, she was disturbed that lesser and lesser material was locally sourced and there was so much of plastic use. 

Pressure was building up inside her, and one day (Oh, what a day!) she decided that she was going to the front. She will become an online florist who would only work with local vendors, flowers from local farmers, promoting small home based business, offer local products, and use minimal plastic.  

Since that day, Daisy hand crafts blossoms filled with Peonies, Violets, Roses, lilies, carnations, hydrangeas and other Native Australian flowers. Having spent many years living so far from family and friends, Daisy knows all too well that small gestures can make a big impact and make someone’s day.