Best Gifts to Send Your Special One This Valentine’s Day 2023

Best Gifts to Send Your Special One This Valentine’s Day 2023

The most romantic month of the year is right around the corner! Yes! It means Valentine’s week is just a week away. And, the best time to propose to the woman of your life is on Valentine’s Day. If you have been thinking about marrying her, there’s no time like Valentine’s Day for a romantic proposal. Though getting on your knees with a red rose and ring will be a perfect way to confess your feelings, there are many options that our florists recommend, like Valentine’s Day greeting cards, chocolates, jewellery, Valentine’s Day flower bouquets, and much more. Let’s get started.

Send them A Special Package

When it comes to V-day gifts, just look for something more personal that your special one appreciates. Pick her favourite Valentine’s Day flowers from the florist shop near you, her favourite fragrance, books, and a gift that reminds you both of a special memory.

Lush-Green Plants

It’s so satisfying to watch your favourite plant grow. Get those potted orchids or Anthurium lace leaf pots or peace lily pots as a manifestation of your blossoming love and gift your beloved with same-day flower delivery in Melbourne.


When it comes to choosing gifts, don’t go for expensive ones. There are many products like laptop skins, mobile back covers, diaries and notebooks, key chains, printed pillows, wine glasses, and calendars personalise with a special message.

Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookies

Get your valentine's fortune cookies filled with hidden love messages to please your love. You can make a special fortune box that contains heart-shaped chocolate cookies, chocolate-coated nuts, red velvet muffins, and cupcakes to express your love.

Say It with Roses

Nothing can convey your sincere feelings or emotions like a bouquet of red roses. Giving your significant other a bouquet of red roses means you are giving your heart. Go for a deeper red shade to show your passion, desire, and admiration toward your loved one. Make sure to send  flowers with a sweet note to get your valentine excited.

Now, you got your gift idea to celebrate this Valentine’s Day and make it special for both. Order special Valentine’s Day flower arrangements, plants, and extras from Blossom By Daisy. For flower delivery in Mickleham, call 0451546007 today.

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